Doing Business with Canadian Natural

Doing Business with Canadian Natural

North American Suppliers

Canadian Natural's suppliers are integral to our continued success and it is essential that they conduct their business in a manner that is consistent with our commitment to strong ethical standards and world class performance.

Existing Suppliers

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Read about Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The Purchase Order Terms and Conditions found at the link below only apply to purchase orders issued by Canadian Natural that specifically incorporate such electronic terms and conditions by reference.  A hard copy of these Purchase Order Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from this site or can be requested by the supplier from its designated Supply Management Representative.

For all other commercial agreements issued by Canadian Natural, the applicable terms and conditions shall be as agreed to by the parties, in writing.

Prospective Suppliers

Canadian Natural uses a third-party application called ComplyWorks to manage Health, Safety and Environment pre-qualification. All contractors must pre-qualify to perform work or to provide services or materials to Canadian Natural. Pre-qualification does not mean or imply that work will be awarded to you by Canadian Natural; it does put your company's name on a list of suppliers that may be eligible to work for Canadian Natural. 

ComplyWorks Website

We would like to know more about your business. Completion of this questionnaire does not obligate Canadian Natural to provide work or enter into a contractual relationship to any company completing this questionnaire.  Tell us about your business.

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