Working with contractors to improve our performance

Corporate Responsibility

Working with contractors to improve our performance

Through extensive work with contractors, Canadian Natural has helped add an extra level of protection to our operations that mitigates environmental impact and enhances worker safety. The implementation of a cam lock fluid device has helped to considerably reduce spills and injuries to service providers across our primary heavy oil production areas. This device was designed for the safe loading and unloading of liquid products (hot oil or water) on and off trucks. It requires the tank valve to be closed before disengaging the hose after transferring the fluid, to prevent the potential for the hot fluid to spray and injure workers if the tank valve remained opened.

The cam lock device is now a requirement for all contractors hauling fluids (transport trucks, pressure trucks and vacuum trucks), and its use has been made mandatory on all our heavy oil worksites. The device is also accompanied with a modified set of field procedures that all contractors are required to follow to ensure the device is used properly.

Day-to-day operations require a strong focus on many logistical elements and we work proactively with our contractors and service providers to look ahead and ensure the highest safety and environmental standards are met.

Left: Heavy oil operations. Right: cam lock fluid device for safe loading and unloading of liquids.