Supporting healthcare and education in Africa

Corporate Responsibility

Supporting healthcare and education in Africa

In keeping with our commitment to help build sustainable communities where we operate, Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI) initiated a series of social projects to support local communities in Côte d'Ivoire (CDI). CNRI has operations offshore CDI – located roughly 60 kilometers southwest of the city of Abidjan, which is CDI’s commercial centre where Canadian Natural has an office near one of our natural gas plants. Natural gas from our Espoir operations is the main source of energy for electricity in this city.

The Villages Project is aimed at improving local communities near our operations and focuses on four villages — Adjué, Grand Jacques, Avagou and Attoutou — in the island of Jacqueville, 40 kilometres from Abidjan.

In Adjué, CNRI funded the connection of the village’s school to the National Electricity Network. The Chief of the Village commented “We recognize what CNRI has done for the village, specifically providing electricity to our local school and the house of our school teacher. This has helped provide better education for our children, as they can now do their homework in the school.” Similarly, at the village of Attoutou, CNRI connected the village Health Centre to the electricity grid, ensuring safe access to the health centre day or night.

CNRI funded the connection of Adjue’s local school to the National Electricity Network, also providing power to the house of the school teacher.
At nearby Grand Jacques, we provided much needed equipment for the village fishermen, including small crafts and fishing nets. In the village of Avagou, a cassava grinder unit was provided for the Association of Avagou village women, making it easier to prepare meals for their families.
Grand Jacques villagers pose on one of the fishing boats CNRI provided as part of the Côte d’Ivoire Villages Project.
CNRI works directly with community associations to support human rights capacity building projects that focus mainly on healthcare and education. After a difficult time of unrest during the 2011 humanitarian crisis, CNRI supported CDI’s recovery providing significant support to re-supply two main hospitals in Abidjan (CHU Cocody and CHU Treichville), with essential medical equipment for their neonatal/pediatrics care, and emergency and obstetrics units. We also helped refurbish and renovate one of the oldest kindergarten schools in Abidjan, located in the popular area of Cocody, attended by more than 180 children.