Employment and mentorship

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Employment and mentorship

At Canadian Natural, developing people also means promoting people internally, and providing opportunities for on-the-job training and mentorship. At Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI), we do not only support government requirements to employ local people, we also facilitate the appropriate training program and work together to create value by developing local talent. As part of our development program, we work with the local community and the education system to identify high potential candidates for advancement. In the same manner, current employees are also identified through the company’s comprehensive annual performance review. Junior candidates are assigned a senior colleague experienced in the same discipline to mentor and nurture their development.

Two local Côte d'Ivoire (CDI) team members were promoted to positions in the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) team for our CDI offshore operations. Their progression through the company exemplifies Canadian Natural’s commitment to developing people.

Dorgeles Tredou started working with CNRI in 2005 through a student placement, and was first exposed to an offshore oil platform as a Wellhead Tower Production Operator at our Espoir field. Throughout the last ten years, Dorgeles was mentored and trained to gain operational experience onshore and offshore, including emergency response and regulatory frameworks. Dorgeles helped to establish SHE management systems and enhance the oil spill response capability of CDI offshore assets. Dorgeles was promoted to SHE Supervisor and during his first year in this role he supported our offshore drilling campaigns in our Baobab and Espoir fields.

Serge Yao started with us as a SHE Trainee based in the CDI marine base. Under the supervision of SHE Senior staff, he supported our CDI offshore installations in monitoring safety equipment for compliance. Two years later, we formalized the appointment of Serge into the position of offshore SHE Advisor supporting Espoir drilling operations to continue his development.

Left: Dorgeles Tredou on board Ninian South Platform. Right: Serge Yao on East Espoir platform