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Health and Safety

Safety is a Core Value

Safety is a core value at Canadian Natural, and it underlies all our operational activities. Our ultimate goal through continuous improvement is ‘No harm to people and No safety incidents’. Our Safety Management System (SMS) protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, the public and the environment.

We foster a front-line driven safety culture where everyone contributes to making the workplace safer. Personalizing safety allows individuals to make positive, respectful interventions that ensure mitigation is in place for any identified risks that might affect themselves or others in the workplace. Every day, our field supervisors reinforce this safety culture throughout their specific areas and divisions. We promote a field presence for our frontline supervisors with a goal of an 80/20 balance (80 per cent of the time in the field). We believe that increased time in our field areas develops and directly reinforces a safety culture.

Delivering Safety Excellence

Our Safety Excellence program, introduced in 2010, further enhances our safety performance and management system across our operations. This initiative has made a meaningful impact on the company and our safety performance by reinforcing continuous improvement. Our Safety, Projects and Operations teams identify opportunities for improvement, develop action plans and set key indicators to measure our performance.

Safety Excellence promotes participation and safety leadership at all levels starting with management and including every employee, contractor and service provider to ensure company-wide alignment. To incorporate the experiences and expertise of all, our employees and contractors are encouraged to provide feedback.

The positive trend in our safety performance indicates that our SMS and our Safety Excellence initiatives, as verified through leading indicators, continue to prove successful in driving safety performance improvement to achieve our ultimate goal of no harm to people and no safety incidents. Our Safety Excellence initiatives include:

Safety Excellence Meetings

  • Senior management actively participates and promotes our safety culture by leading safety meetings with all field operations staff, supervisors, and contractors across Canadian Natural’s operations. These sessions focus on continuous improvement of our safety performance and our Safety Excellence goal – ‘No Harm to People – No Safety Incidents’.

Worksite Safety Observations (WSOs)

  • This front-line driven process focuses on on-the-job worksite behaviours. Every day, our staff engages in positive discussions with our service providers to assist in the successful completion of the task they are performing without incident. WSOs have played a significant role ensuring safety at our worksites, by reducing injuries and improving our performance across our operations. A similar behavioural-based observation process called “Doing it Right!” (DiR) is being used in our Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI) operations. For more information on this program, click here.

Contractors Safety Excellence Meetings

  • Working with contractors and service providers continues to drive improvements in our safety performance. Management from our service providers and Canadian Natural work together with a focus on incident performance; they identify issues and establish measurable action items to improve worker safety. Through this collaborative effort, contractor safety performance has improved on a year-over-year basis, which in turn, strengthens our overall performance in reducing corporate injury frequency. For more information on contractor safety initiatives, click here.

Safety performance results are available in our 2015 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

No Harm to People - No Safety Incidents

Canadian Natural believes safe workers and safe operations help deliver steady, reliable production. We manage personal safety and process safety differently, but we link them together in terms of awareness and potential impact to the worker. We also focus on the integrity of our assets to address the risks associated with our various operations in a complete manner. For better coordination and management, our Safety and Asset Integrity departments integrate Management System frameworks for Personal Safety (safety of all workers), Asset Integrity (safety, compliance and reliability of our pipelines, pressure equipment, tanks and infrastructure) and Process Safety Management (PSM; integrity of processes for prevention and mitigation of unplanned hydrocarbon releases). Together, these departments focus on:

  • Developing a culture where safety is front-line driven
  • Creating safety advocates or champions within all divisions of our operations – empowering every individual to be aware and contribute to their own safety
  • Following a proactive approach to risk mitigation
  • Developing a culture of learning
  • Constructing value-added communication and reporting
  • Encouraging feedback
  • Cultivating sustainable/consistent processes and systems

Our Safety teams work with employees and contractors to identify hazards and develop safe work procedures. Safety awareness and communications are crucial in maintaining our strong safety culture. Field employees and management training are part of our strategy to increase safety awareness and minimize risks and injuries.