Risk and Incident Management

Corporate Responsibility

Risk and Incident Management

Canadian Natural’s management systems ensure we evaluate, prevent and mitigate the risk of incidents occurring. Response plans are developed to predict the extent and magnitude of all risks. Rare events, such as an equipment malfunction that results in an incident, are managed quickly in accordance to structured emergency response plans. These procedures help manage the event as systematically and thoroughly as possible to mitigate any additional impacts and facilitate the safe return to normal operations in a timely manner. Protocols identify the sequence of response actions to incidents such as the shutdown of the incident source, communication to government and public, and clean-up of any effects. For more details, read our spill preparedness and emergency response management feature on page 18 of our 2016 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Our environmental risk management strategies employ an Environmental Management Plan that includes quarterly internal stewardship reports. These quarterly reports are presented to, and reviewed by, our Board of Directors.

We continue to develop strategies that will enable Canadian Natural to deal with the risks and opportunities associated with new GHG and air emissions policies. In addition, we work with relevant parties and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to ensure that new policies encourage technological innovation, energy efficiency, and targeted research and development while not impacting competitiveness.

Further details on environmental risks and GHG emissions management strategies can be found in our Annual Information Form and Management Information Circular, as well as in our 2016 CDP Climate Change submission.