Corporate Responsibility


Valuing environmental protection

Canadian Natural’s approach to energy development focuses on continuous improvement and innovation to protect the environment across our operations. We manage and minimize the environmental impacts of our operations throughout all phases of our projects, from planning and design to operation, decommissioning and final reclamation. For information on our environmental programs and performance, check our 2016 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) provides the framework for managing the impact of our operations on air, land and water through effective implementation of comprehensive environmental practices, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Environmentally responsible operations

Our goal is to develop resources in a responsible way. To proactively manage our practices, meet regulatory compliance and drive continuous performance improvement, an Environmental Excellence program is in place. This program assesses and mitigates the impacts of our operations by setting performance objectives for:

• reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,

• reducing water use,

• minimizing habitat disturbance and advancing land reclamation,

• protecting biodiversity and wildlife, and

• preventing and responding to incidents.

Our Environment team works together with management and all our operating divisions to ensure environmental stewardship is factored into our decision-making process. We also foster a culture of environmental excellence through employee training, due diligence and communications on environmental priorities. This is critical to the success of our EMS, as it helps employees and contractors to identify risks and prevent incidents.

Our Environment, Safety and Production teams work together to improve processes and reduce our environmental footprint. We also work with stakeholders such as industry peers and Indigenous communities to implement and share best practices. Read our Doing it Right section to learn about our environmental and safety initiatives.

Contractor environmental compliance

Improving performance at all of our sites also involves collaborating with our contractors to reduce incidents. All contractors must be pre-qualified prior to performing any work or providing any services to our Company. Our process includes compliance management in the areas of health, safety and environment. For more information on our contractor prequalification process, read our Working with Contractors section.