Business Development

Corporate Responsibility

Business Development

At Canadian Natural, we believe that business development within the areas where we operate leads to sustainable community development. We promote local and regional business opportunities through the procurement of goods and services for our operations. We actively engage with community and business leaders to facilitate and identify local and regional economic opportunities. In doing so, we support communities to build their capacity to participate in our operations through new and existing businesses.

We continue to work effectively with local contractors and vendors in an effort to prequalify them to participate in our contracting and bidding process. Through these efforts, Canadian Natural is creating shared value by supporting the development of successful businesses in the community while enhancing our supply chain. For more information on our pre-qualification process read our Working with contractors section.

Aboriginal Business Development and Employment

When working with Aboriginal communities, Canadian Natural works hard to identify business and capacity-building opportunities. Aboriginal businesses, (including community owned, individually owned, and joint venture owned) were awarded more than $375 million in contracts in 2015. For more information on our Aboriginal business development initiatives read our 2015 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders

We also work with several local businesses ranging from heavy equipment to camp services and continue to develop successful relationships with Aboriginal contractors. In Wabasca-Desmarais (Pelican Lake operations), for example, the majority of our contract operators are Aboriginal. Our company also sponsors programs that aim to increase the number of skilled Aboriginal trades people. Read more about these programs in our Developing People and Working Together sections.


Canadian Natural’s Canadian Natural’s community representatives share information about our projects and work with Aboriginal businesses and contractors to ensure they are pre-qualified to be part of our contracting process. In working with Aboriginal communities, we also participate in several Joint Management Advisory and Joint Cooperation Committees which provide a forum where representatives from the community and Canadian Natural meet regularly to discuss topics such as ongoing operations, employment and business opportunities.